Thursday, 27 October 2011


"Have you heard? A squash vine grew beneath a towering tree.
In only twenty days it grew and spread and put forth fruit.
Of the tree it asked: "How old are you? How many years?"
Replied the tree: "Two hundred it would be, and surely more."
The squash laughed and said: "Look, in twenty days, I've done
More than you; tell me, why are you so slow?"
The tree responded: "O little squash, today is not the day
of reckoning between the two of us.
"Tomorrow, when winds of autumn howl down on you and me,
then shall it be known for sure which one of us is the most resilient!"

نشنيده‌اي که زير چناري کدو بني بر رست و بردويد برو بر به روز بيست؟
پرسيد از آن چنار که تو چند ساله‌اي؟  گفتا دويست باشد و اکنون زيادتي است
خنديد ازو کدو که من از تو به بيست روز  بر تر شدم بگو تو که اين کاهلي ز چيست
او را چنار گفت که امروز اي کدو  با تو مرا هنوز نه هنگام داوري است
فردا که بر من و تو وزد باد مهرگان  آنگه شود پديد که از ما دو مرد کيست

                                                                      Nāsir Khusraw Qubādiyānī
                                                                                 (1004 - 1088 AD)